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6 common interview mistakes to avoid

Majority of job seekers have a misconception of job interview that if you have sound knowledge in the field, you can crack it, But in reality it doesn't work like that, Because an interview is not mere selection of a technical person but a person with right attitude. So we present you "6 common mistakes you should avoid in a job interview".

Interview mistakes

TCS Offcampus drive 2018

Tata consultancy services is conducting Offcampus drive for BE Graduates.

TCS Offcampus drive

Evolet technologies offcampus drive

Evolet technologies is hiring freshers for PHP Intern role.

Elovet technologies

5 Best Books to Learn Java

Before Telling you the best books to learn Java, let me tell you why you should learn Java.

  • Java is one of the most widely used programming language  and second most Popular programming language in the world.
  • The Average Salary of Java developer is 4.34LPA in India and 83,975$ per year in US according to
  • There are over 1 crore Java developers in the world, so there's no fear of Java becoming extinct.
  • Google's Android OS used in smart phones uses Java APIs
  • About 3 billion mobile phones and 125 million TV Sets uses Java
  • More than 95% of enterprise desktop runs Java
  • 100% of Blue ray disc players ship with Java.
  • Java is machine independent programming language and works across many devices.
  • Java is 2nd most in demand programming language in the world.

Aspiring Minds offcampus drive

Aspiring Minds is conducting offcampus drive for the position of research and development engineer.
Aspiring Minds offcampus drive